Migraine Therapy

As many as 30 million Americans suffer from chronic migraine headaches, which can be debilitating and disrupt work, family time, and sleep. If you are experiencing recurrent migraines, you may be suffering from a single symptom of deeper neuromuscular dentistry problem like temporomandibular joint disorder (TMJ). Don’t live your life in constant pain; let Dr. Lancaster, Dr. Britt, and their dedicated team get to the root of your migraine problems.

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Whether your migraines are a result of a misaligned jaw, muscle balance, head trauma, or another source, there is a custom treatment plan that we can discuss with you. For example, your individual treatment plan may include lifestyle changes, a dental appliance after a bite computer analysis, breathing devices, or as a last resort, surgery. After the chosen treatment plan, patients may experience such benefits as alleviated pain, better focus at work, more time with family, and a complete night’s rest.

To learn if you are a candidate for migraine therapy, please contact Exceptional Dentistry of the Golden Isles for your personal consultation.

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