Cosmetic Dentistry

Advances in modern dentistry have led to the proliferation of cosmetic dentistry, one of the fastest growing areas in healthcare today. The distinction between traditional dentistry and cosmetic dentistry lies within the artistry and years of specialized training required to produce natural, dazzling results.

An accredited member of the American Academy of Cosmetic Dentistry (AACD), Dr. Britt has earned the credentials and experience necessary to provide cosmetic dental care and solutions to her patients. Both she and Dr. Lancaster utilize technical skills to perform minimally invasive procedures to ensure the results are consistent with the long-term health and needs of the patient.

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Some common cosmetic dentistry procedures include tooth whitening, bonding, tooth-colored restorations and fillings, porcelain veneers, orthodontics, dental implants, and more.

A great way to begin the process of determining your perfect smile is to conduct a Smile Analysis and set your cosmetic dentistry goals. Dr. Britt will then be able to customize a dental treatment plan for your needs and goals and will discuss in detail the risks, benefits, alternatives, and timetable of the recommended procedures.

Your teeth deserve the best. We ensure you get it.