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In the past, teeth were filled with a mixture of metals — or amalgam. Today, Dr. Lancaster and Dr. Britt use a tooth-colored composite resin and/or porcelain to enhance the natural beauty of your teeth.

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What is a Composite Filling?

For modern, tooth-colored fillings, we use a composite resin made of a plastic resin and silica filler to mimic the natural dentin — the clinical term for the inner part of the tooth — and restore the tooth to its natural appearance.

Composite resin also offers additional advantages to the patient, including finding the perfect composite shade and shape to match the original tooth. It also serves to support the remaining tooth structure, preventing breakage and providing insulation against temperature changes.

Tooth-Colored Dental Fillings to Treat Tooth Decay

Composite fillings work extremely well in teeth with mild, moderate, or even severe decay, as long as there is enough healthy, uncompromised tooth structure left to ensure that the filling will stay securely in place.

Overall, composite resin is strong, safe, and long lasting. In most cases, the composite filling blends in so well with the surrounding natural tooth enamel that it is impossible to discern when you smile, open your mouth wide, or chew, even up close.

Are you plagued by tooth pain, sensitivity, or persistent bad breath? Do you notice unusual staining on one or more of your teeth? You might have tooth decay.

Tooth decay is the result of damaging bacteria that live in the plaque on our teeth. When we don’t do a good job of removing plaque regularly, it continues to build up, giving bacteria more time to produce acid that eats away at the outer surface of our teeth, also known as the enamel. What is left behind after the acid has done its job is a hole — what we would commonly call a cavity. As most people are aware, cavities in teeth will spread if we do not have them treated promptly and properly, which can be extremely harmful to our oral health.

How to know if you have a cavity

  • You may notice that an area of your mouth is suddenly more sensitive to hot and cold or sweets
  • You may experience pain or discomfort in a certain part of your mouth, especially when chewing
  • You may notice discoloration that doesn’t go away after bruising your teeth
  • You may see a hole or pit in your tooth
  • You may experience bad breath that does not resolve after brushing your teeth or swishing with mouthwash
  • You may not notice anything at all. That is why visiting Exceptional Dentistry of the Golden Isles for a professional cleaning and examination every 4-6 months is so important.

Replace Your Older Metal Fillings with Natural-Looking Composite Resin

Smile with confidence, knowing that your teeth are healthy and look great with new composite fillings that are virtually invisible.

Are you embarrassed about your smile because of old metal fillings? We may be able to replace them with natural-looking composite fillings.

Amalgam fillings are quite noticeable because of their silver color, which makes them stand out when you open your mouth and can detract from your beautiful smile. Replacing metal fillings with composite resin will enhance the esthetics of your teeth. People will see your whole face instead of focusing on your unsightly fillings.

Patients with older fillings may be concerned about the long-term health effects of the mercury contained in the amalgam mixture. Amalgam fillings have been used for over 150 years and are generally considered safe. However, we understand patients’ concerns and will gladly replace metal fillings with composite resin ones that contain no mercury or metal for added peace of mind.

To determine if you’re a candidate for tooth-colored composite fillings, please contact Exceptional Dentistry of the Golden Isles in Brunswick, GA today for your personal consultation.

before picture showing metal fillings in teeth, after picture shows teeth with porcelain fillings

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